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Taking skills beyond the classroom

Preparing students for the work-life and impacting the society is at the heart of Aalto University Summer School. Disciplinary competences are accompanied by learning future skills, co-creation and multidisciplinary approaches to global challenges.

Solving global challenges

The world is in transition, and major trends are shaping the way we see the world. Students will graduate in a world which offers less structure and less predictability. Multidisciplinary approaches support ideation and innovation, which leads to solutions. Solving global challenges is a call for action for all students to build a more sustainable future.

Building future competences

Building a skill set that is relevant also in the future is essential for all students. The ability to recognise the changing landscape of work and the skills needed in the future is becoming more and more critical. The increasingly entrepreneurial working environment offers opportunities to agile learners.

Co-creative learning

Co-creative learning brings together students, faculty and companies to work together on solving challenges. Challenges from companies, the public sector and society are integrated deeply into teaching and learning. Collaboration with real-life partners offers students the opportunity to directly apply what they have learned during the courses.

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